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Asparagas rolls

 I  enjoyed achieving my goal in making asparagus rolls from a can for everyone to enjoy

Personal board

 I have been working on my personal book and my cool new personal board. I coloured in  this cool monster truck to stick on. It's looking awesome! 

Kapa haka

  I enjoyed joining  In  with the Wilrose  Kapa Haka Group  and learning  the poi.

Cooking goal

 It was great getting in the kitchen to cook a cabbage out of the garden that we grew. We cooked it up with mince and a onion, butter and some soy sauce and garlic. It was delicious and easy to make! 

Cat in the hat

 I enjoyed listening to the story Cat in the Hat,and acting out a part aswell.

Puzzle fun

 I loved getting back into making puzzels in Mytime.